Connecting People to Services

The HelpCentral.org website provides a way to quickly find low-cost and no-cost health and human services in Butte County. This free online resource can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by any Internet user. You can search for specific services, or browse categories to find information.

Everyone can find help fast

Front-line staff providing information and assistance to the public
Caseworkers making referrals to clients
Individuals looking for services for themselves, friends, or family members

Comprehensive health and human service information

The database contains more than 750 programs providing services from over 400 agencies in Butte County. You can find services such as emergency food, parenting classes, recreational programs, support groups, drug treatment, tax assistance, in-home help, after school programs, hospice, counseling, and subsidized day care. The website identifies services for more than twenty specialized population groups such as families, seniors, or teens. Click the “Search Database” button to search for services.

A simple interactive resource directory

The site is searchable in three unique ways and information can be easily printed. You can search…

  • By category and subcategory,
  • By a keyword that describes the service you are seeking
  • By an agency or program name

These searches will zero in on specific services and enable you to find detailed program descriptions including eligibility, fee structure, telephone numbers, location of services, hours of operation, and agency contacts. You can quickly link to an agency’s website, e-mail address, and to Mapquest for finding directions. To maximize your search success, check out our search tips.

We keep the information up to date

Perhaps the best part of the searchable database is that the information is constantly being updated. New programs are added and corrections are made within days of receiving new information. Gathering accurate, in-depth information about every agency, program, service, and site in Butte County is the ongoing challenge and goal for HelpCentral.org. A set of forms is available on this website to facilitate this process; or to list your services or request a correction, simply contact HelpCentral.org via e-mail or phone.

We offer training to agency staff

HelpCentral.org staff can provide trainings in using the website as an information and referral tool, including specific search tips. Agencies or groups interested in scheduling a free training at your workplace can contact us.

HelpCentral.org Project Coordination

Maintaining the HelpCentral.org project has involved many players, including First 5 Butte County Children and Families Commission, Butte County Association of Governments, and the Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services.

2016 Annual Report