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Butte 2-1-1 is working on reformatting and updating the Low-cost, No-cost People Services Guide. Updated information for services in Butte County is available through our searchable database or by calling 2-1-1 and speaking to an Information & Referral Specialist who can assess the caller’s needs and provide appropriate referrals. Calls to 2-1-1 are free and confidential, and specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are unable to search the database or call into 2-1-1, copies of the 2013 Low-cost, No-cost People Services Guide are still available in English and Spanish by clicking the download buttons below. This document may contain information that is no longer up-to-date and Butte 2-1-1 is still in the process of updating a new low-cost, no-cost guide.

Download the Guide

Download in Spanish

3 thoughts on “Low Cost, No Cost Guide

  1. I’m a victim of Domestic Violence and recently I had all my belongings destroyed my husband and I’m in need of counseling. Some to help me deal with the lost of personal items and how to move forward. Please do not send me to Catalyst they are of no help.

    • Hello Toni, I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your belonging and the situations that led up to it. There are counseling services outside of catalyst that may be able to help depending on various factors such as city of residence and the type of health coverage you have among other things. If you would like to learn about those options, please give us a call at 2-1-1.

  2. Such a helpful service for our clients. Very friendly and easy to use.

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